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At the center of any federal, state or local agencies’ mission is data. More than any time in history, government leaders rely on data to analyze possibilities and make effective decisions. It drives almost every aspect of government services, from cyber threat detection, to national security strategy, to mission critical support operations. With large swaths of data flooding the doors of government agencies, understanding how to harness its full potential is critical. While the collection and storage of data is nothing new, its imperative leaders are prepared to find innovative and impactful ways to leverage the power of data and act on its value.

Attendees left this event with a better understanding of:
- Data governance and compliance
- The role of the Chief Data Officer and a data-driven culture
- The impact of a federated data system and interoperability
- Innovative technologies like RPA and AI’s impact on providing insights and expediting decision-making
- The growing importance of data mining and analysis
- Important considerations in security and privacy concerns


Data and Defense

There is no sector that feels the power of data more heavily than defense. Leaders rely on data to allow for more nimble, informed and effective operations and service. Join this session for a spotlight on how defense leaders are harnessing the power of data to drive mission critical operations.


Lauren Pavlik, Chief, Data and Software Services, US Army HQDA CIO ECMA