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Four Steps to Ensure Your Modernized IT Platform is AI-Ready

Many federal IT systems today are unable to support one of the most important innovations vital to future systems transformation – artificial intelligence. AI can empower people at every level in federal agencies with the insight to see the whole problem, the creativity to find a solution, and the confidence to fix it. 

Adopting and integrating these powerful new automation and analytics tools can empower your teams, support citizens, and help you focus on and achieve your agency’s mission. 

In this segment, you will learn how following four basic steps can help your agency ensure that AI is built into its IT modernization plans.

o    Quality data = quality AI 

o    Align AI with agency objectives 

o    Get infrastructure AI-ready 

o    Take AI “baby steps” 


Allen Badeau, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President and Director, Empower AI Create Lab
Alex Treadway, Vice President/Associate Publisher, GovExec
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