Join us October 6th, 2022!

Artificial intelligence has evolved from a staple of science fiction to a real world, strategic priority of the United States. Increases in computing power and the emergence of large data sets to train ever more powerful machine learning algorithms have created real world applications and success stories. During this bi-annual series, Defense One and Nextgov will explore all aspects of artificial intelligence and its applications in government. 

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Regular: $150 | Late: $200

*Fees only apply to government contractors, retirees, and private-sector employees 

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12:00 PM ET

Thursday, October 6

Main Stage

Opening Remarks

12:02 PM ET

Thursday, October 6


Opening Keynote


Dr. Lynne Parker, Founding Director, National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office, White House

Aaron Boyd, Senior Editor, Nextgov

12:27 PM ET

Thursday, October 6


Incorporating AI to Meet the Federal Government’s Zero Trust Deadline


Dr. Allen Badeau, Chief Technology Officer, Empower AI

Alex Treadway, Associate Publisher, Route Fifty