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Identity is at the center of cybersecurity. With zero trust now the mandated de facto approach to strengthening cyber defenses, federal, state and local agencies need to build an identity-centric security approach encompassing both human and machine identities. This requires an enterprise wise rethinking of authentication, authorization, access to data, auditing and accountability in order to protect the IT backbone powering government.

Identity is also at the center of citizen services. The past two years laid bare the lack of digital identity verification tools available to federal, state and local agencies, which resulted in enormous fraud around the $5 trillion in pandemic relief efforts. Modern digital services will require strengthened identity protection and more digital identity options.

At this workshop government and industry experts examine how to strengthen identity security from both a backend infrastructure and citizen facing perspective. Leaders examine current initiatives at the federal, state and local level and offer practice guidance around identity, credential, and access management.

Viewers will come away with an improved understanding of:

  • Why identity is at the center of zero trust practices
  • How to balance customer experience, privacy, and identity security
  • How automation can reduce identity theft
  • The collaboration and data standardization required for enterprise level identity security
  • The role emerging technologies can play in identity management


Opening Keynote

Hear from HHS Chief Information Security Officer  Kenneth W. Bible on how he's developing modern identity solutions for his organization.


Cameron Chehreh, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group & General Manager, Public Sector, Intel

Kenneth W. Bible, CHIEF INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER, Department of Homeland Security