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Moving from Data to Information to Enhance USAF Decision-Making Capabilities

Across the DoD enterprise, platforms are equipped with a grid of sensors that can collect massive amounts of data to carry out multi-domain missions, defending and defeating adversary threats. There is a large cost in both money and time to transmit full sensor output from platform to ground stations. While developing advanced computing technologies, AFRL has made significant progresses in increasing human situational awareness by enabling edge artificial intelligence, i.e., on-board/on-premises computing and AI algorithmic capabilities, while also reducing communications latency and cost. However, there is still a significant research opportunities to address the gap between current edge computing capabilities and the vast amount of sensor data to analyze and fuse in real-time.


Dr. Qing Wu, Senior Scientist for Processing and Exploitation, Information Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
Wes Green, Head of Public Sector Growth, SandboxAQ
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