Roadmap to Modernization: Working Across Agency Boundaries - On Demand Detail
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Re-Imagining Software Delivery with Value Stream Management

DevOps, CI/CD cloud-native design, open source tools, and microservices have transformed enterprise software development. But on the road to modernization, these innovations foster inefficiencies across decentralized development and deployment teams.  Without holistic data-driven insights from your SDLC, it can be challenging to effectively manage modern software development and maximize value delivery to your customers.  Fortunately, value stream management can help you strategically align your program initiatives and priorities with predictable software delivery and value realization objectives, resulting in superior mission outcomes for your department or agency. 

In this brief session, you will:

·         Get an introduction to Value Stream Management (VSM)

·         Better understand its vital role in scaling Agile and DevOps transformations

·         Learn why it’s essential for forward looking organizations of all sizes



Kevin Hansen, Public Sector CTO, Micro Focus
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